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Where East Meets West…
Aura Homes welcomes everyone who is interested in standing right between Asia and Europe and get a real mixed oriental and modern taste of a city which has been a cradle to many civilizations from Romans to Ottomans. Aura Homes will remind you of “home” during your time in Istanbul.

In the Centre of Centre
Our flats are based in Kadikoy which is the centre of Asian Side of Istanbul. Kadikoy is more residential area comparing to other European districts such as Taksim, Sultanahmet or Eminönü. See what local people eat, drink and how they enjoy and meet the original way of Turkish life and hospitality.

Two of the flats are closer to the sea side and two of them are at the inner side of Kadikoy Centre. It does not matter which one you pick because you will always have 7 / 24 hours of transportation to and from our flats. We have 92 positive reviews out of 92 on our airbnb account.

High Quality = Low Fee
While Aura Homes work hard to provide you comfortable, safe and well-located rooms and flats in Istanbul, it is also aiming to fit your budget! So pay less for accommodation and spend more for gifts to your beloved ones.

Longeeeer stays… Biggeeeer Discounts…
Our major part of guests consist of long termers such as Erasmus Students, Foreign Language Teachers, Expats, Professionals and any other people who loved this beautiful city and wanted to spend more time here. For those of you, we apply up to 40% discount comparing to short term visitors. Our starting point is only from 8 EUR / night for a private room!

Aura Community
Imagine a place where family, friends, and neighbours live in harmony, yet always remain true to their own individuality. With your private room, you will have the comfort of being on your own but still be prepared for a cup of tea with your flatmate!

Meeting with other people has never been so easy before! When you rent a private room in one of our flats, you will meet with many other people and get to learn their culture as well as socialize with them! You can cook together or have a coffee in the neighbourhood.

Renting the whole flat? Then, you and your friends or your family will have full privacy in our flats. Just as your own “home” back home!

Get Socialized!
Aura Homes organize so many events with its guests. Boat tours, fine dining, house parties, match tickets, concerts, museums, intercity tours to other cities of Turkey are only a few of them. You can always ask our advice for your future plans.

7 / 24 Support
The discriminating traveler has specific needs. We understand. And that’s why we consider your needs and give you full support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Doesn’t necessarily to happen in our flats but also facing a problem outside of our premises or need a local assistance, just give us a shout and we will be there immediately.

Just Enjoy
You just enjoy this beautiful city and leave the rest to us. There are hundreds of things to do in this city so try to catch them up as much as you can! Sleep less, enjoy more… Just like Istanbul itself…

We are always interested in what you are looking for in a flat. 

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