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101 Things To Do In Istanbul

1 Try the traditional "Coup Grillet" of Baylan Pattiserie in Kadikoy 2 Eat a truly tasteful Turkish Kebap at Samatya Develi 3 Visit the Ottoman Bank Museum within SALT Galata 4 Smoke a Turkish Water PipeAlso known as Hooka, these stylish traditional smoking pipes are worth a try after a hard day of sightseeing. There are quite a few pipe emporiums found near the Grand Bazaar. 5 Try the original nutty Beyoglu chocolate 6 Go People-watching in Taksim SquareThe Square is at the top of Istanbul’s main public shopping mall, and provides a good chance to sit in a café or restaurant and people-watch. Enjoy a Turkish tea and let the faces, clothing and culture inspire. 7 Book a fancy dinner at Suada in the middle of Bosphorus 8 Visit a Turkish Bath HouseThe way to relax in Istanbul is to visit a bath house, facilities of which include saunas, pools and massages. Most baths have separate areas for men and women and a few set rules; the most centrally accessible is Cemberlitas Bath, near the Grand Bazaar. Suleymaniye Bath is the only bath in Istanbul that allows mixed bathing. The way to relax in Istanbul is to visit a bath house, facilities of which include saunas, pools and massages. Most baths have separate areas for men and women and a few set rules; the most centrally accessible is Cemberlitas Bath, near the Grand Bazaar. Suleymaniye Bath is the only bath in Istanbul that allows mixed bathing. 9 Explore the bohemian neighborhood of Istanbul: Cihangir 10 See the Blue MosqueAlso known as the Sultanahmet Mosque, it was once on of the most important Mosques in Istanbul. Called the ‘Blue’ mosque for its impressive blue tiling on the interior walls. Conveniently located near another ‘must see’ attraction, the Hagia Sophia. 11 Have a delicious Turkish breakfast in Namlı Karaköy 12 Drink Turkish CoffeeTurkish coffee is coffee prepared by boiling finely powdered roast coffee beans in a pot, possibly with sugar, and serving it into a cup, where the dregs settle. The necessary equipment to prepare Turkish coffee consists of a narrow-topped small boiling pot called cezve, džezva, xhezve or μπρίκι (bríki) (basically a tiny ewer), a teaspoon and a heating apparatus. 13 Taste the best "baklava" in the city: Karakoy Gulluoglu 14 Take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage on Princes' Islands 15 Enjoy your Turkish coffee at Pierre Loti Café 16 Drink "Rakı" in Asmalimescit 17 Enjoy the wonderful scene at Aşşk Café 18 Cool Down with a Bosphorus River CruiseA river cruise is the perfect way to see a city so immense, to gauge the size and to cool down in the heat. There are tour cruises available, or ferries that go to cities edge. 19 Try pistachio and almond marzipans at Meshur Bebek Badem Ezmesi 20 Enjoy the spectacular view of Istanbul Moderns' Café 21 Try Turkish fast-food from Taksim Square kiosks 22 Reserve a diner at the Bosphorus' restaurant/night clubs 23 Stroll the streets of Çukurcuma and Galata 24 Wine and dine in the terrace of the Medusa Restaurant 25 Go Shopping on Turkish Champs-Elysess: Bagdat Avenue in Kadikoy 26 Have an evening cocktail at Nu Teras 27 Attend an open- air theatre concert 28 Enjoy bosphorus sea food in the old city Sultanahmet 29 Eat bosphorus fish sandwich: balık-ekmekIstanbul Bosphrous is not only known for bringing two continents together but also famous for its delicious sea food. A simple sandwich made with “Palamut” -the most frequent fish of the bosphorus- with onions , tomatoes and fresh baguette is worth to taste. Balik-ekmek is mostly sold in old fashioned fishing boats along the bosphorus. Galata Bridge, Eminonu Harbour, between Bebek and Ortakoy are the places to find that kind of boats. 30 Hop on to a bosphorus cruise boat from Ortakoy 31 Rent a bicycle and tour Princes' Islands. Ferries from Kadikoy 32 Book a romantic dinner at Maiden's Tower 33 Buy a handcraft gift from the sreet vendors in Ortakoy 34 An afternoon tea at Beymen Brasserie in Nisantasi 35 Enjoy the best sunset in Uskudar 36 Breakfast at Kale Restaurant in Rumelihisari 37 Have a lunch at Masa Restaurant in Istinye Park Shopping Mall 38 Escape for a romantic getaway in Agva 39 Enjoy the tasty examples of Anatolian Cuisine 40 Challange yourself and walk along the bosphorus shore 41 See the beaches of the Black Sea 42 Have a glass of Turkish tea and relax in Dolmabahce 43 Watch a good movie with some popcorn. 44 Read your book on a bench in Bebek Park. 45 Buy a present for your friends from the passages of Beyoglu. 46 Go swimming in the middle bosphorus, Kilyos. 47 Dance on roof top bars overlooking Istanbul city lights 48 Get full with Turkish "manti"Try delicious little dumplings boiled in water, served with yoghurt and garlic, and spices on top. Our recommendations are Casita Manti in Etiler, Otantik in Istiklal Street Beyoglu and Cesta Manti in Bagdat Caddesi. 49 Listen to jazz music. Choose a club which suits you best and listen jazz in Istanbul. Our suggestions are Nardis Jazz Club in Galata, Ciragan Q Jazz Club, Istanbul Jazz Center in Ortakoy. 50 Discover Fener and BalatSurrounded by Byzantine city walls from the 5th century AD to the west, the Golden Horn to the north, Fener and Balat districts are located on the historic peninsula of Istanbul. Landmarks are Greek Orthodox Patriarchate, St. Stephan Bulgarian Church and the Red School. 51 Run the Eurasia MarathonIstanbul is the only city built on two continents. Have a unique experience and cross two continents along Bosphorus Bridge. 32nd Intercontinental Istanbul Eurasia Marathon will take place on Sunday, 17 October 2010. 52 Ride along the bosphorus on a Sultan's boat 53 Sea the view in Kalpazankaya, Burgaz Island 54 Visit the mighty Hagia Sophia 55 Take the Harem Tour in Topkapi Palace 56 Buy spices from the Egyptian Bazaar 57 Ride on the nostalgic tram in Istiklal Street 58 Make the shortest trip in the oldest metro 59 See the Flower Passage and the Fish Market 60 See all the great monuments of Turkey in Miniaturk 61 See a Belly Dance Show 62 Take a picture of the Rumeli Fortress for your Istanbul Album 63 See the Obelisk of Theodosius 64 Attend a festival 65 Visit the Hidiv Pavilion 66 Feed the seagulls from ferry 67 Meet the humble couple: simit - cay (tea) 68 Love fusion food in Changa 69 Find your favorite terrace view in Beyoglu 70 Try out the Kanlica yoghurt 71 Have fun with a live performance in Babylon 72 Walk across Galata Bridge 73 Drink a homemade refreshment in Limonlu Bahce 74 Make your own things to do list for your friends 75 Get full with a fine T-bone steak at citys' popular restaurant: Nusret Steak House 76 Shop from the designer boutiques in Galata 77 Drink a big glass of draft beer in Nevizade Street 78 See the panoramic view in Ulus park 79 See the "Turtle Trainer" painting in Pera Museum 80 See the legendary Pera Palace Hotel 81 Examine the Sarcophagus of the Crying Women in Archealogy Museum 82 Relax and watch the crowd in Grand Bazaar at Fes Café 83 Get amazed by the industry museum in Rahmi Koc Museum 84 Taste the various(!) pickles in Asri Tursucu 85 Visit the elegant Ihlamur Pavilion 86 Book a fine dinner at Ulus 29 87 Have a tranquille afternoon in Yildiz Park 88 See the historic landmark: Haydarpasa Train Station 89 See the tiles of the seasons in Markiz Pattiserie 90 Visit Joshua's Hill (Yusa Tepesi) 91 Dine at Sarnic Restaurant 92 Reserve a dinner at Daruzziyafe Restaurant 93 Buy a gift to your home from Pasabahce Store 94 Visit 1001 Column Cistern 95 Escape the city for some clean air to Polonezkoy 96 Visit Kucuksu Pavilion 97 Observe the city from Galata Tower 98 Eat kebap at Hamdi Restaurant 99 Have an afternoon snack at the citys new hotspot Bej Cafe in Karakoy 100 Find the best Greek food in Istanbul at Beyoglu Eleos 101 Buy a poem book and discover the exquisite Turkish poets

Source: Galata Antique, 2012

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